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USA and India can never be allies


When George Bush made that push to steam roll the US-India Nuke Deal, the euphoria in India was just that: euphoria. Soon to die down, even if Bushs Republicans had managed to hold on to the White House. And Obamas win ensured that it died a quick and painless death.

The only thing India and the US have in common is democracy. And that hasn’t counted for much with the USs foreign policy since memory can recall. The new interest in India was driven by US business interests. Like they did when Nixon opened up to China.

Now China and the US are adversaries and potential enemies of the far future. So too will India be. The only interest the US, the only remaining super power, can expect to have is to retain its global power. Chinas economic clout and growing military might has already introduced perceptible tensions.

Indias economic clout got a sudden and unexpected boost with the recent economic meltdown in the US and western economies. Indias continued economic growth will be at divergence with USs clout in the region. Instead of being a counter balance to China, India will become the #2 adversary in the foreseeable future, unless its growth can be stifled by terrorism and internal strife. Incidentally, China has effectively kept the US dirty tricks departments from doing much of this inside China. India has to deal with Pakistan, the proxy for the US in this internecine warfare. That’s why the US does nothing about the LET which it believes will attack India only.

The US has a handy tool in Pakistan for reigning in India, much to Pakistans own real long term disadvantage. The US has for long propped up dictators and rulers while professing to promote democracy. The new found interest in Pakistan is nothing but an indication that the time to walk the talk as demanded by Pakistan had come.

The naivety of the Indian PM and his Foreign Minister/s is only hindered by the Home Ministers down to earth straight talking, much like what the Pakistanis are doing. When P Chidambaram becomes a light-weight that can be jettisoned in favour of morelook the Americans are our friends type of photo ops, India will have to turn in desperation back to the Russians and the French who have saved it in the past.

The trouble with the USeducated PMs men is they live in the fond hope that the US will someday begin to practice what it preaches. That must surely be an eloquent example of naivety.

As long as India is a growing economic engine, the US and India can never be great allies. That may change only after China dwarfs the US economic-military might and the US needs a real ally. But that would also be too late, for India could well already be a client state of China.

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