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@vikramchandra Have you taken leave of all your senses?


On NDTV Vikramchandra ┬ásays that suggesting a DRAFT Bill for the consideration of PARLIAMENT by a panel consisting of civil society members who enjoy the widest possible support of the general public is “extra constitutional” and goes on to liken it to the NAC which has NO SUCH support and is headed by the governing party’s sole proprietor!

Has NDTV taken leave of all it’s senses? Or is pouting the Congress line paramount? Then why not ask ‘Party or Country’? Like ‘Club or Country’?

WTF is democracy all about if CITIZENS cannot suggest a law – and that to as a DRAFT for the CONSIDERATION of the Parliament? have they ENACTED a law outside Parliament? Can they not ask their own representatives to PASS such a law?

HOW is it better that some Babus with zero legal training draft bills full of loop holes and how does that become CONSTITUTIONAL?

Maybe the inhabitants of New Delhi, especially the Governmental types, need a refresher course in DEMOCRACY.


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