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The irony of US Presidential Politics


The US is commonly credited with better political accountability than most. And the common “incumbency liability” isn’t a factor in most cases where a president has done his job.

Cut to 2012 and Obama’s biggest opponent is the disappointment with what Obama PROMISED in his campaign, not so much on what he did accomplish or even what his challenger “promises”.

Romney’s inconsistencies and lies are pretty much public fare and par for the course for Republicans. Romney being even viewed as a credible alternative has been mostly fueled by Obama’s inability to live up to his rhetoric before his elections.

As a view of a non-voter and one that is 11,000 miles away, I wouldn’t want Obama to win. But if Romney is his opponent (which he is), I’d rather let Obama have a second term.

Obama just found out that it takes a lot more than he has/had to get things done in Congress!


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