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What type are you?

  1. There are those who only talk.
  2. There are those who only do.
  3. There are those who talk and do.
  4. There are those who neither talk nor do.

Everyone would be one of these most of the time. Believing they can’t be the other type, at will.

Everyone would like to be another type. Believing they don’t know how.

Everyone thinks they know all about living since they are alive, aren’t they?

Few understand that education is never complete. And education in life is done with a Life Coach. It can’t be learnt on one’s own as it can be with a Life Coach.

Everyone has Life Coaches in their Father & Mother.

Most think they know more than their parents, so want to learn on their own. Fact is it simply can’t be done as effectively as with a coach.

Pity. Life is hazardous. The costs are sometimes too high and not worth paying.

Life (intrinsically) is empty & meaningless. It’s meaning is what one chooses to ascribe to it. Trouble is, most people forget they are choosing to ascribe the meaning (or lack of it) that they see in their lives.


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