Do I support any party? No! Update

In Aug 2010 I wrote “My comments are on issues, not politics” in a piece where I stressed that I support NO party. Here is the link.

My views on PARTY politics WAS expressed here:  (I was Admin of this initiative which has since folded up).

When you put principles BEFORE personalities, the latter becomes irrelevant to the conversation. You are free to take “the right position in any and all matters”.

When to put personality before principles, then it is only a matter of time before you hit a wall. A situation which you KNOW is bad and your personality’s position on the matter is just plain wrong – and you are thought of as ‘enemy’ if you don’t blindly support her/him.

Putting principles first doesn’t come cheap or easy. The easily visible cost is that you’ll find yourself without the cheerleaders you deserve – in the short term.

The ‘New Parties’ are made of the same stuff that the old or mainstream parties are – since the raw stock is the same: Indians. We are, as a race, hyper-personality-worshippers. Like our Gods: One for every reason and season.

It was refreshing to listen to Rahul Gandhi stressing the principles and demolishing the personality politics of his apparent rival – Narendra Modi.

Round #1 to Rahul with a near knockout!

May India have elections every year! 😉





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