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The Delhi Dum Dum aka how BJP is shooting itself in the foot


Arvind Kejriwal was on a downward slide, when the BJP which is in power at the all-powerful center, came to its rescue.

The BJP GOI has made every effort to stifle any and all governance actions that the AAP Delhi “government” took since coming to “power” (?!) with a humiliating defeat of Modi & the BJP and its jugalbandi partner, the corrupt Congress.

By openly making the Lt. Governor its stooge (shame on him to even continue!) and then ranging the puppet Police against every step that Kejriwal’s government took, the BJP confirmed it was humiliated, vindictive, narrow-minded and cared two hoots for the citizens.

Then by clearly manipulating the rotten and ever ready stooges in the IAS, the BJP sought to cripple the Kejriwal government. Clearly, they have succeeded in stifling or slowing down to a snail’s pace, all governance actions of the AAP government. [I use government and not Government for the Delhi “State government” deliberately, as 2015 has exposed the rotten game played by the Congress & BJP jugalbandi in making it worse than even a Municipality].

The enmasse “Leave” of the rotten IAS when they were needed most to make #OddEven a success was an official decision of the IAS Association, the game plan of sabotage was over-exposed! “The film burned”!

But the worst was yet to come. The lousy politicking Home Minister declares the suspension of the two IAS Officers “null & void” with lightening speed, nailed the all out sabotage theory that was floating around all over India.

This piece is NOT about supporting AAP or against the BJP – both are political parties that leave much to be desired. It is about how the Modi GOI and the BJP are working hard against the interests of the citizen that the 56″ chester declared (and continues to do so glibly) that he’s a chaiwala who’ll work for the citizens against the “establishment” of Delhi and its vested interest driven bureaucracy. He’s so far done exactly the opposite!

In all this, the only gainer is Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP.

So far, no party has understood a simple axiom: Whatever you resist will persist!



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