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The Congress Conundrum


The Nehru-Gandhi family has been in decline for some time now. To the extent that they now play second and third fiddle to regional (state) parties of dubious pedigree. Once the “only” party worth mentioning, the Nehru family owned party has become the but end of jokes. Scrapping just 44 seats in the current Lok Sabha, losing state after state, the party men face a rather difficult future with little or no clue of how to revive the ghost of a party that remains.

The Nehru-Gandhi family has, by policy. ensured any strong leader is squashed by the party. Thus earning the common and true perception that with out the Nehru-Gandhi family, the party will break into tiny local fiefdoms. The “other” leaders know this. They also know that they’ll never be able to accept another non-Gandhi leader who is not a Gandhi puppet.

So what are their options?

  1. Form regional parties.
  2. Go down with the ship and milk it while they still can.
  3. Abandon ship and defect to the “other” parties.

Ofcourse there are more variations of these fundamental choices listed above. But let’s look at what’s possible.

The only one who still commands a modicum of respect in that family is Priyanka. But she’s resisted all pressures and stayed away from entering politics herself. Her husband, however, wants to enter but apparently does not have the family’s consent. Yet.

The biggest liability is the brand name: Congress. Since it is too closely associated with a Gandhi face. And the family is now scorned all over India.

Cohesiveness is not visible between the regional satraps that do have some clout in their states. That makes for such a loose coalition that it won’t last, leading to yet another debacle and deadly decline at the national level.

Instead if the Congress regional satraps form their own regional parties and then form a ‘United Front’ which also includes similar minded regional satraps – Nitish Kumar from Bihar, Arvind Kejriwal from Delhi, etc – then a sustainable formation may be a possibility. In short, its option #1 above.

Time is fast running out for the Congress. Modi will see to it that the #AgustaScam leaves the congress without any hope of revival. These are interesting times for the Indian onlooker!