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Follow up action on #WarOnBlackMoney


As long as detergent & swift punishment is not meted out to black marketeers, this menace won’t be eliminated.

Irony is all political parties can simply deposit the cash 💰 in their accounts and no questions can be asked!

The biggest generator of black money – politicians- will get away scot free via their parties 🎉

Unless Modi takes follow up steps, it’ll be his Waterloo.

GST is 1 step.

But limits on political funding must follow right away!

Besides, tax exemption for political parties, NGOs, etc must be withdrawn.

Special summary judgement courts to try financial misfeasance in 7 days with no adjournments should be set up under a fiscal law & institution, manned by fin experts, not the judiciary. All appeals allowed w/o bail or payroll to the lowest civil court. A kind of pre-prosecution.

Deterrence is the only way out! Hence the apprehension of an emergency.

Rot in jail, money confiscated till acquittal if any! Just like the draconian dowry law, this is presumptive guilt if caught under clear & easy guidelines



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