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The Stolen Voter List Tactic


Year after year, election after election, the party in power plays its games with voter lists. Names that were there the last time, mysteriously disappear and fake names appear. Names are switched to unrelated wards, and those polling booths demand a voter slip issued by the parties ignoring the voter ID issued by the Election commission!!!

This cheap way of disenfranchising voters is an old trick.

No matter the party in power, the State Chief Election Officer & his Office are mere pawns in the hands of the State Government which uses them to “legitimise” their nefarious activities – legalised criminal acts.

The Modi Government has not found it fit to deal with any domestic reform connected with justice system, admin system or land, RTO and such localised issues. Ofcourse, they’ll tout the usual excuses of theses being controlled by States. What about those states ruled by the BJP???

The Congress is a defunct party. At this rate, the BJP will join its ranks soon and be replaced by small regional parties. Modi hasn’t shown his 56″ chest in domestic matters. #Sad


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