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Why did AAP’s plans go up in smoke?


Before the votes were counted, AAP was expected to win Goa and Sweep Punjab. They scored a duck in Goa and lost badly to Congress in Punjab, doing worse than they did in the 2014 general elections!

What happened???

AK in Goa.jpg

The pundits will give us a laundry list of mistakes, allegations and sour opinions all rolled into one.

But I have a different take on AAP’s downward spiral that I think started much earlier. It started soon after AAP threw out their own founder members and the coterie around Arvind Kejriwal tightened its holding on the party.

That, in my opinion was the signal that the very principle AAP was founded on РSwaraj or  Participative Democracy Рhad been well and truly abandoned.

That power corrupts and absolute power (67/70 MLAs in Delhi) is an old adage. This was the classic illustration of the wisdom. Now Arvind & Co wanted to make AAP just like SP, BSP, RJD, and even their erstwhile arch enemy the corrupt private firm called Congress!

It’ll be interesting to see what AAP’s “introspection” will reveal…. if at all.

I was associated with the Corruption Saaku which morphed into the India Against Corruption movement that gave birth to AAP. I was supportive of the idea that the movement must become a political party if it was to achieve its mission. AAP’s foundation received widespread support for this as is commonly known to be true.

But instead of Swaraj (Arvind even wrote a book on it!) AAP began to ape the rotten parties it once opposed and moved rapidly to concentrate power in the hands of a coterie. Thats when it started losing wide spread support…..¬†

It’s still a young party. These growth phangs can be easily be rectified by going back to its own basics. But for that, the key players need to be less self-centred and more committed to its core ideology: Swaraj.

There is time yet for Gujarat and Karnataka. Are the officials of AAP listening?




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