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The Dhanushkodi Scam @narendramodi @dr_maheshsharma @nitin_gadkari


I visited Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram this week. It was a rather disappointing experience in as much as the great lengths to which GOI and Govt of Tamil Nadu have gone to great lengths to make life difficult for tourists! Forget foreign tourists, even local tourists are treated as dogs to be kept out.

Cars (and all busses) are stopped at Mukundarayar Chatiram on the way from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi.


All vehicles are stopped at this point on the way to Dhanushkodi.

The purpose is to make everyone shell out Rs. 2,500/- for boarding a dilapidated Mahindra Van that seats 16 people like sardines and drive through the sandy shores, destroying marine life in the bargain. Crabs, Birds, etc live on this beach while the pristine road (sure built at a huge cost to taxpayers) is used by a few “well connected” people.

Each day bus loads of middle class tourists and some well to do ones come here to have a truly spiritual experience and are fleeced lakhs of rupees that go to some politicians. When asked why we are not allowed beyond this point, we’re told the road “is still under construction” and when asked why some people were allowed to go on, we’re told “that you ask my owner”!

This poor man stands guard to stop aam janatha (commoners).

Stops all “un authorised vehicles” on “Owners” orders. Is this some private project paid for by taxpayers?

The worst part is that the Naval Base at the end, which ought to be off limits, runs heavy vehicles on this road, but we are told our vehicles will damage the road! And who cares whether the marine life on the sands are destroyed by totally dilapidated vans with drivers who are but pawns at the hands of “Owners”?

See the driver collect money for his “Owner”?

The ministry of tourism spends huge amounts on promoting tourism. But lets local politicians and bureaucrats run huge scams and make life miserable for tourists! When will the Minister for Tourism wake up? Or the Minister for Road Transport stop these scamsters from using taxpayer money to build roads that serve a selected few?