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Mainstream Media’s fig leaf blown!


The advent of Narendra Modi as PM gave the general population in India it’s very first opportunity since independence to look under “Mainstream Media’s” fig leaf. Let me explain.

The unscrupulous media hides behind the fig leaf called “Question the powerful“.  What they’ll never ever say is the hidden word “also”. “Also question the powerful”.

True, media must also question the wrongs. But is that their only role?! So they say, because their paymasters say so!

But when the media can only question anything and everything including the Army for defending itself against stone throwers with out firing a single bullet (by tying a terrorist in front of their jeep) the line in the wind has been crossed.

When the media can only show solidarity with separatists who cook up unrest, burn schools and kill Kashmiri Pandits for money from Pakistan, instead of questioning them too, they’ve (media) have taken leave of all their senses, to say the least.

Why? The answer is also blowing in thee wind. Listen. “They too are being paid by enemies of the state” the wind says.

The leaders in the “mainstream media” are the worst offenders. They care two hoots for national security, or the common people. They only care about where the next payment will come from. The reason for this is simple. Power (of making public opinion) has corrupted them. Absolute Power to do so under UPA has corrupted them absolutely!

If the media had been balanced, social media would never ever have grown like the way it has. If the media were mouthpieces of the people – of all shades – then people wouldn’t need to flock to social media.

And Modi wouldn’t need to bypass the sick media and engage with people directly through social media.

Sadly, it seems those very erudite editors and producers have forgotten that credibility is everything. RIP Mainstream Media. 


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