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#EndHindiImposition Calamity awaits BJP


Humans are doomed to repeat historical blunders. And the BJP is no different.

On the one hand Modi keeps touting the “diversity” of India as a great “strength”. Yet, the GOI is slowly but surely trying to impose Hindi by the back door. Mandating that Hindi be written on all centrally funded projects, institutions etc.

Yet no other vernacular is on any such board anywhere in the northern hindi speaking states. In fact most don’t even have english (as per the 2 language formula that was agreed upon in the 1970s to settle what was a contentious issue.

This anti Hindi agitation is being fuelled by the BJP. It will end in the division of the country. This will be Modi’s personal legacy that will enter the history books.

At a time of great communal upheaval this will be the last straw on the camel’s back, to use a cliche.

Modi and BJP can kiss 2019 goodbye if this surreptitious imposition of Hindi is not promptly reversed.




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