Farmer distress – Catch 22

Farmer Distress

During the UPA/Congress’s 65 year rule, two things happened:

  1. Corruption, Loot, Lawlessness was studiously built to pervade the lengths and depths of Indian society.
  2. Inflation was always allowed to go sky high – making current earnings of farmers (like others) seem to be growing when in fact it it made the poor poorer and the gap between the haves and all have-nots grow in leaps and bounds.

The Modi GOI has strived hard to attack both these ailments. Added to it, the short term stress of demonetisation has made a bad situation inherited by Modi even worse than it seems. And made it fertile ground for Congress to exploit – temporarily.

Neither of Modi’s goals should be forsaken in the interest of long term steady growth of the Indian economy and more importantly, the farmers.

When the farmer’s money buys more than he has been used to, this policy will see it’s true potential. Thus, a temporary alleviation of farmer’s difficulties is in order.

If the GOI finds the huge funds to fill the black hole left by the UPA/Congress in the defence sector, then it is even more important to find the money to completely waive all farmer loans (small, medium or big) and not let the truly fragile backs of farmers break.

Forget the “cries” of the Congress and it’s sick allies – all of whom have banded together purely for political survival. They have been throughly discredited. Their pretences have been seen through. Voters won’t care, if Modi delivers results on the ground in the areas he’s so far neglected: Law & Order, Judiciary, Police and Corruption.

The Modi GOI must act swiftly to waive all farmer loans now. A delay to time it with the 2019 elections will boomerang on the BJP.

AND, the Modi GOI must increase it’s efforts in the fight against corruption – starting with Media, Political Parties, IAS, IPS, Judiciary and ofcourse, the rotten real estate industry.




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