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The Modi wave just evaporated


I have lost all respect and faith in Narendra Modi and Amit Shah after the #RamRahimSingh (DSS) episode.

I don’t want THIS New India! Sad, I was a supporter!

This seems a repeat of 2002 when LKA saved Modi. For the DSS episode, M L Khattar must be prosecuted Suo moto by courts!

Once the Rajya Sabha majority happens, fascism may be full blown.

Let me explain.

First and foremost, I am focussed on the Government & Governance – NOT DSS at all. The DSS episode is but the trigger.

To me, the likes of DSS whether from the Sikhs, or any other “denomination” of any other “Religion/Caste/Sect” is NOT the focus. It’s clear they have grown thanks to a nexus of politicians of the past (read ConGress and its splinters) and God men to create vote banks. That was a total failure of Governance.

Modi has said from Day 1 that he’ll deal with “All Indians” evenly without fear or favour. That be it Muslims or Hindus, Hindus, Brahmins or SC/STs, Dalits etc, all are EQUAL and one rule and law shall apply.

THAT is the source of my loss of trust.

While Modi has been going after Terrorists in Kashmir with deliberate and persistent pressure, he has *repeatedly* shown he will not do that with others.

The NGT ruled against Sri Sri and his Art of Living mega show of strength. Modi instead went to that “gathering’ and took a sidey chair there. Lakhs of people = votes.

The AIADMK is a cesspool of corruption. The courts nailed Amma & Sasikala. He sees entry in TN so he’s supporting splits there to try and capture the state indirectly. While BJP may end up getting some MPs next time (doubtful), BJP will get next to no MLAs by itself as it is seen as a Hindi (not Hindu) party in TN. Is this maximum governance or what?! Modi uses the Governor to play his hand at politics.

The Karnataka BJP is headed by a “known” crook. Ably aided by an even bigger incompetent MP. IN Siddu’s time there have been no major scandals. Yet, BJP asks for Siddu’s resignation as he’s bypassed the Lok Ayukta. Justified in and of itself.

BUT, contrast this with ML Khattar who presided over a well planned – and known to all – plunder of a Godman who gave him votes to win last time. And what does Modi do? Protect Khattar like he was protected by LKA in 2002. If history is to be repeated, like Modi, is Khattar the next PM Candidate of BJP?

The DSS episode is like the 2002 episode. Let the criminals (in both cases, their vote bank) run amok “for a short while”. Then reign them in with Army, sack the Police Chiefs etc. Known pattern!

The trend is clear. Lop sided or no Governance. And THAT is why I’ve lost faith in Modi – Shah – BJP.

I supported Modi for Maximum Governance and MInimum Government (MGMG). NOT Hindutva. That was a price to pay for the MGMG. I even voted for an MP locally just to give Modi a majority in our dysfunctional Parliament since that is the structure we have today.

But Modi’s total failure even in BJP’s internal governance coupled with his total reluctance to deal with reforms in Judiciary, Police (Law & Order) and Administration (read IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS etc) shows that was all campaign rhetoric and I (like others) was a sucker to believe the man.

That’s why I say I have lost trust in Modi (and Shah). Forget the BJP – I’ve always called then a Bunch of Jokers Party.

I’ve come to the conclusion that to be a Politician in India at this time, you’ve got to be Uneducated, Dumb and an idiot.


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