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If I were PM …


Not in any particular order, but significant ones nevertheless:

The single most powerful change that PM can bring about is a re-write of the constitution. The core changes would be:

1. Direct election and autonomy of the lowest of low authorities. e.g. Police chief, Mayor, Attorney, Lok Ayukta, Utility Chiefs, apart from Corporators, MLAs, MPs but also President and Rajya Sabha MPs to be directly elected. Election every 5 yrs. Held every other April/May to fill vacancies.

2. Reservation only on economic grounds.

3. Water, Agriculture to be Central Subjects.

4. One single slab for GST; a long exemption list for poor & daily needs items.

5. Right of recall simplified and effective

6. No restrictions on movement of goods, services & food grains across state boundaries.

7. Redraw state boundaries on purely economic & sustainability basis, making no state more than the size of Himachal (max). Use straight lines & natural boundaries like rivers.

8. Elections to CM direct not via MLAs.

9. Free float to the Indian Rupee.

10. RBI Governor to be appointed by a committee of PM, LOP, President.

11. President not to be bound by Cabinet advise. To be elected directly by the Ppl.

12. Abolish all parties. Only individual candidates.

This is the JS Dirty Dozen 😳😱😄😷😁🙂🤣😂🙄


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