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No More! Not BJP, Not INC!


Let’s start with the obvious one. ConGress.

Dynasty Nehru

The World’s Biggest Dynasts

We saw how the ConGress has looted the country dry, played the worst kind of communal politics by appeasing the enemies of the country for votes. The only consistent thing the ConGress is capable of is perpetuating the family dynasty. All this old hat now, and doesn’t need any elaboration. So let’s get on with it.

BJP Modi Rajnath


Enter BJP under Modi. Here too, the “old guard” was rejected by voters, and rightly so. The advent of Modi and his henchmen at the helm of BJP gave hope to voters that now, things may change. Modi blew this hope up to massive proportions, making tall, irresponsible promises in 2014 to win a landslide.

BJP Amit Shah.jpg

And that’s where the problems began. Irresponsible, unattainable and plain false promises – just to win the vote. The cowherds’ in the BJP’s ugly base was still out of sight.

Modi has some wins to his name. Notably, in the foreign affairs domain. Sushma Swaraj was reduced to a super High Commissioner, with Modi making everything external his personal fiefdom. But here, barring a few missteps, he’s done admirably well, aided by the rampant spread of the Islamic Terrorism to the west.

BJP Sushma 1

Another win is the construction of roads. Thanks mainly to Nitin Gadkari, the laying of roads has been a major success, though the smart city project is a dud.

BJP Nitin Gadkari 1.jpg

The dynamism of Piyush Goel has shown definite improvement in power and coal. Having jettisoned a useless Suresh Prabhu, essentially a bean-counter, we can already see dynamism in the Railways.

BJP Piyush Goel taking over from Suresh Prabhu

These have been Modi’s successes. But the list of failures is long and deep. Let’s just look at one or two.

BJP Arun Jaitley 1.jpeg

Arun Jaitley has been the most spectacular failure, though well camouflaged.

He inherited the sweetest spot any Fin Min could have asked for. Lowest ever oil prices in decades being the most notable lucky break. Growing global economy being the other.

Yet, what did he do? Made a six slab GST. Had an IT Backbone that still continues to flounder today. Kept petrol and diesel prices higher than ever, when compared to the huge drop in Crude prices – raising resources that let farmers perish! And left the common (urban) man crushed.

Now, when the time is nearly up, he pumps the farm sector with loads of cash that the GOI machinery has shown it is incapable of handling efficiently.

Makes a grad Modi-Care that will only line the pockets of insurance companies.

And screws the shit out of the middle class that has, for a decade or more, been cajoled into investing in mutual funds and stock markets – by bringing in the LTCG Tax that no other emerging market has. This is a retrospective tax despite the 31-01-18 grandfathering date. It’s the demolishing of a practice of investing in India’s growth (through companies) that the middle-income group was seduced to do with no LTCG Tax. And then taxing it.

Yet he’s no guts to tax the wealthy farmer who can buy all the cars he wants, fly to Europe on holidays and exploit the farm worker with impunity!

No, advocates should be restricted to the courts, where they’re accustomed to twist, deflect, distort and lie to defend their clients. They’re unsuitable for any other role in life.

BJP Rajnath Singh.jpg

The other huge failure is Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The state of the law and order situation in the whole country is abominable, and passing the buck which is Rajnath Singh’s practised speciality, is easily done by saying law & order is a state subject!

If that’s so, why has Rajnath Singh not had the guts to recommend Governor’s rule in the offending states? Because they’re all (but one, Kerala) being governed by the BJP! The worst cases are in UP and Haryana, followed closely by Rajasthan and MP. Then there is the ever boiling J&K.

Without going into listing all the failures of the BJP – at the state and central levels – suffice it to say that Aache Din has receded into oblivion.


Do we want another Yogi Adityanath in Karnataka? No!!!

BJP BSY Karnataka.jpeg

Neither the ConGress (UPA 1 & 2) nor the BJP is fit to rule. Anywhere. NDA1 and NDA2 are proof.

What are the alternatives? An experiment with AAP or an even bolder experiment with an Independents Majority. NOTA is a toothless protest, so that’s out!

State level players are also unfit. See the mess in TN over decades! TMC is a worse example of terror than the CPM was, in Bengal. BJD does not inspire.

No, Ironically, to use Modi’s slogan, India needs a total “Reform, Perform & Transform” move, but not of the fake Modi variety.

Its people need to be bold and take on another experiment (like the Modi experiment). 

Think deep and hard. The only real option is to throw up a huge majority of Independents. Tied down by no party ideology or allegiance. Not required to raise funds for a party through dubious means.

Think about it dispassionately. Think independently of any party allegiance or affiliations. Think for yourself and your near and dear ones. Of our beloved country’s future.

Vote Independent, at every level.




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