The Hindu Polarisation is complete.

The state election in Karnataka will be a turning point when historians will say that the polarisation of India was complete and only the consequences of that would be seen for decades to come.

Karnataka Elections 2018

The key factors that had this polarisation happen are just two:

  1. The stoppage of appeasement of all minorities and enforcement of existing law without fear or favour by the BJP Government.
  2. The backlash and payback by the Hindu fringe openly, on the ground.

For 65 years, the Congress-ruled governments at the center and the state let the minorities run riot looking the other way or even enabling them to do so. The examples are so many that it’s too well known for repetition. It started openly and vehemently with the overturning of the Shah Bano Case by the Rajiv Gandhi GOI using its huge majority. The rest is history, as they say.

SoGa campaign 2018 Karnataka

The decayed BJP leadership of L K Advani & Company were so afraid of the Gandhi Parivar that they readily abandoned their own ideological base, thus losing repeatedly. It took a resurgent Hindutva Lobby rooted in the BJP’s ideological base to overturn the old guard in a dramatic and democratic display of internal democracy of the BJP. Modi-Shah emerged as strong and widely supported rulers of the BJP.


The Hindu majority, by 2014, had had enough of the appeasement politics, not to mention the classic divide and rule strategy of the Congress. Mandal was resented deeply and turned the Hindus into a voting block for the first time. But with no “glue” to cement it, the consolidation of the Hindu vote had to wait till the basic ideology of the BJP found leadership that would do rather than succumb to the might of the Congress.

Modi Shah

Modi-Shah not only saw this, but also saw a very important factor – the lack of, or pitiably slow development of India – as Hindus were generally better educated and saw what strides China and the rest of the West was making with the help of brain power of the Hindus! The likes of Indian CEOs of the top emerging multinationals were a long time in the making, only to burst out in the 21st Century. Brain Drain is a well-documented phenomenon.

Thus Modi’s slogan Vikas-Vikas-Vikas rang a chord with Hindus of all hues. Bold and well thought out foreign policy initiatives got quick results. The huge expat-Indian population was won over easily. Modi became a world-leader within his first year!

So how did this rabid anti-Modi movement come up in India? It was driven by a two-factor operation.

Firstly: Stoppage of Appeasement of Minorities.

This meant that the huge inflow of illegal funds to all the so-called NGOs, who were the prime perpetrators of anti-national work, not to mention anti-Hindu work, ceased with the strict enforcement of existing laws (that the Congress used selectively, only against those who didn’t fall in line).

This one action set the Church and Mosques dead against the Modi-Shah combine, leading to a tsunami of fake news spread through the social media. Their preachings also turned rabid, provoking their parishioners’ fears and advised passionate (if not rabid) hate for all things Hindu – represented by Modi-Shah the lightning rod for anti-Hindu activity.

The covert polarisation practised thus far by the Congress and its so-called Secular Parties now turned overt and vehement. In reality, they were the most communal! Divide and rule strategy was taken over by Congress from the British after Independence.

Needless to say, the equality and empowerment of Muslim Women through the scrapping and criminalisation of the medieval tripe talaq practice, that Muslim countries themselves had long abandoned, was a death blow to the Mullahs. The already strident Mullahs who even issued fatwas to vote for the Congress in the past, could not stomach such a direct blow to their fiefdom, in a truly secular India!

The Mosques became, now overtly, the den for terror training and funding. Pakistan was only too happy to fund them through such dubious means like under-invoicing of dry fruits sent via the Wagah border, only to be sold at full market prices and the excess money readily given by Muslim traders to the terror network. Ironically, the Z-protected Hurriyat Leaders turned out to be the ringleaders running the terror campaign!

Secondly: The Hindu Fringe backlash.

The other major factor is the working of the Hindu fringe. Decades of suppression inevitably led to a backlash. Just as the brahmins faced the backlash in Tamil Nadu, the Hindu Fringe – almost totally in the Northern Hindi belt – went beserk foisting their brand of Hindutva on the Muslims in UP, and some in Bihar & Haryana. 

Obviously, this not only undercuts the Modi-Shah stand of Performance & Progress, it also gave fresh fears to the Muslim and Christian population. Ironically, they only lent further steam to consolidating the Hindu vote!!!

All this peaked in the Karnataka State Elections. The polarisation is now complete. BJP is the gainer by far. The 2019 General Election will see even more of this polarisation and a certain win for the BJP. When it’s a Muslim-Christian Vs Hindu, in a democracy, the majority will win. Like it or lump it.

I’ve always said, “whatever you resist, persists!

This is the cardinal mistake the Muslim-Christian alliance powered by the Congress and its communal allies have made. It is now beyond reversal.




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