Killing Democracy

At the top of this blog, I must state as clearly as possible, my personal political views. I had tried to do this here. Worth a preview before reading on. Here’s another post.

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To sum up my political views in two points, here it is:

  1. I support Narendra Modi for PM, but not the BJP as a party.
  2. I support Ramalinga Reddy for MLA, but not the Congress as a party.

Clear enough? I can write a whole book on the “why”, but the principle involved should be apparent to any rational thinking fellow citizen. For thje rest, I’ll suggest following this blog of mine and read the archives.

I’d written at some length why any political party is the worst form of democracy. I simply don’t have the inclination now to repeat the blog – posted on a service that folded up!

When citizens start pledging their allegiance to any political party, they kill the very essence of democracy. Instead, if they get opposing parties (candidates if thats in reality) then democracy will not only win, but their own locality, area, city, state and country will win. Regardless of which party forms the goveernment.

I’ll welcome any rebuttals and comments.





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  1. brilliantbillion Says:

    Election is a great vehicle, and votes are vectors. Unless people exercise their rights and also realise that 100% voting, we cant exoect anything else will solve this crisis.

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